-Should our  Fermented Foods be kept refrigerated?  Naturally Fermented Foods such as Jeff’s Zauerkraut (sauerkraut), Jeff Ginger Zarrots(fermented ginger carrots) Jeff’s Orange Beetz (fermented beets with orange rind), Jeff’s Zimchi (kimchi) and Jeff’s Vegan Zimchi (vegan kimchi), that have not been pasteurized and do not have any preservatives or vinegar added,  should be kept refrigerated at 41 degrees F. or below to slow the fermentation process and keep them at their best condition.

-How long can I keep my Naturally Fermented Foods?  Naturally Fermented Foods will last over eighteen months in the refrigerator.  Always use a clean spoon or fork to remove our ferments from their jars and then push the solid ferment under the liquid to help keep it at its best.

-Are you Gluten Free?  All of our products are Gluten Free.

Are you none GMO?  We do not use any GMO vegetables or spices in any of our products.

-What is the cloudy white color in the bottom of the jar?  Often there is yeast that grows in the Ferment, once it is refrigerated it settles to the bottom of the jar.

-Is it natural for gas to be released when I open a jar of fermented food?  Yes, refrigeration slows the fermentation process down, but does not completely stop it.  Gas is a natural by product of fermentation and will build up in the jars overtime, especially  if the jars are taken out of the refrigerator or if the refrigerator is not below 41 degrees F.

What is Kimchi?  Kimchi is a Korean national dish made of naturally fermented vegetables.  We use a traditional Korean recipe that has been modified for the American palette, yet has flavorful rich taste and is full of beneficial prebiotic and probiotic nutritional benefits.

What is the difference between the Vegan and the Traditional Zimchi?  The traditional Zimchi has fish sauce and the vegan does not have any fish sauce.  All of our other products are vegan.